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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Adelaide

Dental Care When You Need It Most

If you have a dental emergency such as a sports injury, throbbing toothache or broken tooth and you need some rapid pain relief or professional attention, then call the friendly dentists at Melrose Park Dental & Implant Centre.

Rapid Pain Relief

Dental emergencies happen at all times of the day and night, which is why we offer same-day treatments and an out of hours emergency dental service based in Melrose Park, Adelaide.  Our emergency dentists can treat people of all ages from children to the elderly, so you or your loved one will not be in pain for long.  Dr. Karzhan Gill and Dr. Lauren Gill were both registered Emergency Dentists with the South Australian Dental Association for many years.

Immediate Treatment

Melrose Park Dental & Implant Centre is equipped with all the latest high-tech equipment, to provide on the spot fillings, extractions, root canal treatment and other emergency dental services.  Our experienced dentists will initially examine you and talk you through the treatment options before we start.  We can quickly numb your pain and start treatment immediately if you wish.  Your comfort and wellbeing are always our priority.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies cover all situations where your pain or discomfort is affecting your ability to function.  Our dentists can diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions including

Trauma and sporting injuries
Chipped and broken teeth
Loose or lost fillings
Loose or lost crowns/veneers
Swollen face
Bleeding and swollen gums
Broken dentures

Emergency Tooth Extractions

Our emergency dentists specialise in emergency tooth extractions.  If you have a dental emergency or trauma, we will always do our best to protect, save or repair the teeth.  However, where the tooth is beyond repair, our experienced dentists can quickly and comfortably remove the tooth to alleviate pain.

Emergency Fillings

There’s nothing worse than going out to lunch and breaking a tooth or losing a filling especially if it exposes the nerve.  Our dentists always make time for emergency patients throughout the day and can quickly fit you in to rebuild a broken tooth or replace a loose filling.

We know that dental emergencies are often extremely painful so you can rely on us to rapidly relieve your pain and have you calm and comfortable in no time.
If you are in pain or need advice about emergency dental care, please call.